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| 晓晴



Tick-tock ...

It turned out that the little water drop elf was singing.

They have a large audience,

The tree pricked up its ears,

Be infatuated with listening;

Grass is wearing a green grass skirt,

Singing and dancing;

Dragonflies stop flying,

Appreciate this slowly

Wonderful raindrop concert.

It's raining,

Small raindrops are happy. They fall,

Use our noses as slides,

Use lotus leaves as fun coffee cups,

Think of the leaves as exciting skateboards,

It's really interesting!

They are in droves,

Fly and fly happily!

Tick-tock ...

In the thirsty land under the plum rain,

Let the earth open its mouth to quench its thirst;

Under the swift river,

Let the river replenish water;

In the busy city,

Let tall buildings,

You can have a good bath!

Cool and sweet raindrops,

Let all things quench their thirst,

Have a good drink!

There is a beautiful rainbow after the rain.

Rainbow makes us smile,

If the rain condenses, it can turn into clouds.

I asked the cloud!

Is there a place to rest?

Is there a place to have a cup of tea and read the newspaper?

I said: Wow!

You can play freely,

I envy you so much! ……

At some point,

How did the cloud change its face?

It rained again!

Mother smiled and said to me:

Who told you to talk so much!


Yun Lian Yu

Rain Evian

Baiyun is drunk like a dream with rain

Red candle shake

Ying Shuang ying

The distant mountains contain deep feelings

The mountains and rivers smell the sound

Shan Meng Meng

Water Meng Meng

Pipa has no complaints

Let the beautiful love be celebrated


Listen to the rain

Like a silk scarf

Kiss my moving heart

Listen to the rain

I galloped in the rain

Find the time of first love

Ice and ice are cool and a drop is clear

Raindrops are like an acacia red bean

Fall into the earth

Disrupt and silent for thousands of years

Warm, deserted heart for a long time

On rainy nights, happy

Footsteps, crossing the mud all the way

Rainy nights have become pure wedding dresses and street lamps

It's a glittering and translucent DIA, at the next corner

You, smiling, beautiful and flawless


If there is no rain outside the window.

The rain dripped on the hard objects

I sleep and wake in the rain

Dreams are intermittent

Weekends, rainy afternoons are really good

Everyone retreats to the life they want

I put away my dull thoughts

Circle yourself into a square inch

There are relaxing nerves in the soft quilt

I don't look at the outside world with my eyes closed

In a static state.

Return to infancy

I was trapped in three hours.

When you fall asleep, you fall into a dream that is scattered like beads

Wake up and think of some warm moments

In a daze, free

It's strange that none of the calls came in

An isolated afternoon

It's full of secluded silence and freedom

It is also full of loneliness and feelings isolated from the world

The skylight fades away. I am like a hibernating worm

Just woke up, motionless

The rain outside the window is as light as a song

Falling down one by one. I, listen quietly

In the distance, a mother calls for playful children

High, low, sound endlessly

Reminds me of my childhood village,

Every evening.

Standing at the entrance of the village as a landscape calls for our returning mother

This afternoon, a person is lonely

Two people are poetry


When it rains

Always reminds me of someone

Xiaoyu, that is you

I thought the beautiful girl who hurried away with an umbrella at the window

That's you.

Like you, not you

Light rain, how I wish

You are gentle and romantic

Affectionate and lingering spring rain

Can give the land plundered in winter

Bring infinite hope and longing

Bring vitality and vitality to life

Xiaoyu, I hope you

Don't be ruthless and MoMo

Cold and cruel' winter rain

Let the injured heart freeze again

Let innocent lives hurt again

Let the beautiful ideal be broken again